Alexander Adewole

H. s. sapien

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Associate Degree in Computer Science

Expected May 2022


Tsanga, Inc.


February 2020 to present time

  • Designed and implemented a DevOps pipeline that automatically built and deployed application source code from a ENV-branched Git repo to a matching Kubernetes cluster.
  • Designed and developed a web-based SaaS and that allowed users to control a browser in a virtual machine to watch movies and consume other kinds of media together.
  • Wrote a Mongo-backed REST API and matching OpenAPI/Swagger specification to allow CI/CD based code generation of client libraries.
  • Designed and implemented a complex auto-scaling VCS-backed infrastructure in the cloud using Terraform.
  • Wrote a CLI in Rust responsible for building complex setups OTF from defined "images", allowing us to use a single Docker image that can support multiple server configurations.
  • Standardized and documented development practice within the company for other engineers.

Hylist Games, LLC

August 2017 to April 2020

  • Worked within a small team to design and implement product updates.
  • Created tools, APIs and scripts to speed up development cycle, standardize practices and scale horizontally.
  • Designed & implemented a system that would automatically generate coupon codes for partnerships and affiliates and keep track of revenue.
  • Wrote the backend of a website in Django and implemented the respective visual mockup in HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Developed a custom packet protocol on top of RabbitMQ (and Redis) used to communicate between nodes in a distributed network for handling player parties, orchestrating game deployment, and much more.
  • Taught new hires in the process of onboarding the company's code conventions and reviewed and approved their code.
  • Designed an in-house networking solution that mitigated DDoS attacks, saved the company money, and ensured the privacy of all our user traffic.

FrozenOrb, LLC

June 2016 to July 2017

  • Assisted in maintaining legacy RoR project.
  • Designed a simple minigame framework in a small team.
  • Designed and implemented multiple website themes.
  • Worked closely with users and QA team to squash bugs.



  • Java (5+ years)
  • Kotlin (2+ years)
  • Python (4+ years)
  • Ruby (1 year)
  • JavaScript (5+ years)
  • Rust (6+ mo)

Operating Systems

  • *nix (Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS, Alpine, MacOS)
  • Windows

Frameworks, Tools, Etc

  • SQL (MySQL + Postgres + MariaDB)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB + DynamoDB)
  • Memcached, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Maven, Gradle, Cargo, Gradle Kotlin DSL
  • Nexus Repository
  • Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub Actions/Packages, TravisCI
  • Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Amazon S3, Amazon EC2
  • GCP, GKE, etc
  • JIRA, Asana, Trello
  • Bash (intermediate)
  • VCS (Git)
  • YourKit, VisualVM
  • Object-oriented programming
  • VueJS, NuxtJS, Gridsome
  • ReactJS (intermediate), Gatsby (intermediate)
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap, Bulma, Tailwind
  • Microservice application design
  • Monolithic application design
  • GraphQL, RESTful
  • Django, Flask, FastAPI, Hug
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ktor
  • Bukkit/Spigot API, Bungeecord
  • Sentry